Do you know your target audience by heart? ️️❤️

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Control your marketing strategy by knowing your target audience by heart ❤️

With all the data we have at hand today, people expect content that’s relevant to them. You can make your marketing more powerful by creating content that focusses on your audience’s interest, specific actions and engagement habits (preferably in real-time).

Did you know for instance that when you mention your audience first name in your subject line you increase your opening rate with nearly 30% together with your consumer spending?

It makes perfect sense, when you specify your marketing to your audience it will grip their attention rather than making them feel overwhelmed by the information they don’t need.

When you know who your target audience is you can optimize your content and work on your storytelling. Whichever medium you are using, whatever content you are creating trying to tell a story makes your audience want to engage and connect with your brand. The more relatable the better. You can use this strategy in sales letters, landing pages, campaigns and website copy, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

But where do you begin to optimize your content in that way that it’s relatable and appealing to your audience?

By knowing who you are selling to.

Whether you are at the early stages of your journey and trying to lay that solid foundation or a seasoned entrepreneur, below questions will help you define or re-evaluate who it is you trying to sell to.

Allow yourself some time to answer these questions, for the answers will contain valuable information about your ideal customer and great insights on how to target them:

  1. What is their gender
  2. What is the average age
  3. Where are they located
  4. What media do they follow (a.k.a what is the best way to reach them)
  5. What is a problem they want to solve, and is your service/product helping them solving it
  6. What would hold them back from using your service/product
  7. What knowledge is lacking in the industry of your service/product that you can provide
  8. How much can they afford
  9. What type of personality do they have
  10. What do they do for a living

Your audience is likely to evolve every day according to the changes in the industry. I suggest redefining your marketing strategy every few months by re-evaluating your audience by using these questions. It takes some time and effort, but it’s well worth it considering if you’re trying to sell to all, you’ll sell to nobody.

The things that make you forget what time it is are the things you should treasure. To me, that has always been a combination of writing and drawing. I am specialised in employer branding campaigns, lifestyle, personal development, converting technical pieces into bitesize easy-to-read commercial content and I love a good old copy challenge. I thrive when my words propel your business to the next level, either in Dutch or English. Besides writing for companies, I enjoy writing and illustrating for passion projects like opinion pieces for magazines, book reviews and (short) stories.

Need to step up your copy and/or illustration game? I’m your gal! Visit

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Kristin Rose

Kristin Rose

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