How to find your mojo back 101🕺🏻

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Are you feeling ‘meh’ all the time? Are you positive it’s not a global pandemic thing, but more of a consistent, hard-to-get-rid-of, life type of thing?

Pretty sure you suffer from leaky energy.

Luckily this is not some kind of smelly situation that needs a visit to your GP. This can be fixed quite easily. But, mind you, it is important, to be honest, upfront and brutally decisive in the process. Are you ready?

Here’s how you can heal your energy and get back that secret sauce to life, called mojo:

Have regular check-ins with yourself throughout the day and estimate how you feel while consuming certain types of content or being in the presence of a certain person. Meditating for a minimum of even five minutes every day will help you to have your body automate that check-in for you. You’ll experience life going slower and therefore it becomes easier to feel when someone if fueling or draining you.

When it becomes clear someone is draining you, whether it’s in real life or by popping up in your feed: throw. them. out. NOW!

Sure, it can be hard to cut certain ‘drainers’ out of your life. If you need them to build your career for instance or look up to them because they have reached some goal you are after (hello Instagram!). The advice that is very simple but often overlooked is: you build your own feed. If you follow an account which brings you down? Unfollow. It’s that easy! Of course, you also want those buns of steel, but I’m pretty sure you can find an account from someone you can equally look up to and be inspired by. Define whether you actually ‘need’ these drainers in your life and if so, can you limit the time you spend with them? How much do they drain you? Is their value worth losing your mojo over?

If the value is minimal: throw. them. out. NOW! Be brutal.

Speaking of being brutal. Ditch the activities. How many times have you turned up for some party, drinks, Bootcamp, bookclub, you name it just to be nice? That’s what I assumed. You just have one life, are you going to spend it doing something that you do not enjoy, and even worse brings you down?

Make a list of what you absolutely love to do and do more of it!

Nobody is in charge of what you do or don’t do but you (I have such a Dr Seuss going on here).

It’s not an easy process, you’ll have to be honest and you will piss some people off. But what awaits at the end of the rainbow? 🌈 Your well-deserved mojo! That wonderful feeling that makes you get out of bed before the alarm goes off and gives you butterflies without even being in love. Worth the hassle right?

Looking for witty content in Dutch/English that grows your brand? I’m your gal! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Oh, I also make illustrations @artyfartsydreamdrops

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