The 5 rules of Law of Attraction scripting

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Manifesting your dream life is becoming more popular by the minute. Where the book and movie ‘The Secret’ were frowned upon a couple of years ago are now the new religion, especially for millennials.

It makes sense. With the current state of the world, not a day goes by without confusion and uncertainty. Believing you have the ability to manifest your wildest dreams into reality is considered a healthy hobby in my book.

But, how to do it? Here the Law of Attraction technique ‘scripting’ comes into place. You basically write down what you want, as specific as possible. Some say you need to hold a rose quartz crystal, others have a dedicated ‘lucky’ journal. However you do it, make sure you mean it.

The 5 rules of Law of Attraction scripting:

  1. Fear is ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. It can paralyze you and limit you in your beliefs. Remember this when imagining your dream life. Fear is not real, only what is happening in this very moment is real. If you give into fear you are sending out a signal you don’t trust what the universe has in store for you, which will block all you want to attract. I recommend reading ‘The Universe has your back’ by Gabby Bernstein if you want to learn how to trust.
  2. How you think determines how you feel, and how you feel becomes your reality. Why do you think all these hippies are acting like they are on drugs? Try to stay positive and you will attract positive things. No grumpypants ever got lucky because his grin was so damn sexy.
  3. Once you have a different view on fear and training yourself to only see the positive side of things you are ready to write. Whether it’s a notebook, iPad, laptop, app, as long as you truly can feel what you write, it’s gold.
  4. With that being said: you need to go the extra mile. If you think you can just jot down your hopes and dreams, close your notebook and wait for that dream job to magically land in your lap, think again. It’s quite hard work and you will head bump with yourself many times. You need to believe you deserve the thing you want. And how will you trick yourself into believing you deserve it? By working your ass off.
  5. Trust the process. It won’t make sense to do this exercise day in day out without having absolute faith in a positive outcome. Think of walking up the stairs: if you think too much about how you will place your feet you will trip, if you don’t think about it you can run up and down the stairs all you want without breaking a bone. Close your notebook and know with every fiber in your body what you have written down is your reality.

Long story short: feelings result in thoughts > thoughts result in action > action leads to result.

Of course for some people this sounds like a bunch of crap, but actually, it’s not. Remove the often accompanying new-age accessories and what’s left is a tool that is used by great athletes, psychologists and neuro scientists.

Whether you are a ‘believer’ or not. I think scripting is one of the most healthy new trends of the last decade. People who daily focus on their hopes and dreams? Trying to be as positive as possible since this will attract even more positive stuff into their lives? Best. Thing. Ever.

Can’t get enough? Listen to Lewis Howes latest podcast with Rhonda Byrne, the creator of The Secret here. Not convinced? Read the scientific evidence here.

Looking for witty content in Dutch/English that grows your brand? I’m your gal! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Oh, I also make illustrations @artyfartsydreamdrops

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